Our Highly Selling UNLIMITED plans

  • 300 GB DATA
  • 50 MB SPEED
  • 4 Mbps FUP Speed
  • Validity 30 Days
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  • 1125 GB DATA
  • 50 MB SPEED
  • 4 Mbps FUP Speed
  • Validity 90 Days
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  • 2700 GB DATA
  • 50 MB SPEED
  • 4 Mbps FUP Speed
  • Validity 180 Days
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  • 7200 GB DATA
  • 50 MB SPEED
  • 4 Mbps FUP Speed
  • Validity 360 Days
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To be the most admired in-home entertainment, education and interactive services company that creates radical social transformation, and delights and empowers customers.

Deploy cutting edge technology to continuously innovate to serve customer needs in a user-friendly way, Partner with technology, content and distribution firms for speed to market, scalability and leadership, Set new benchmarks for customer care, Set new standards in operational excellence resulting in profitability and attractive stake of returns in after sales Services and grievances, Provide a vibrant and fulfilling work environment for a passionate and empowered team


leading providers of broadband that works to make your enterprise services more accessible and less complicated. Establish your business with the right plan for digital communication with our enterprise broadband plans.


We at DNex Fibernet understand that the perfect internet connection is not only about high speed. It is the perfect combination of incredible speed and incredible FUP, which together deliver an Incredible Internet experience.


Uninterrupted internet communications is the need of the hour for businesses to ensure smooth functioning of their day to day operations. An interruption in internet connectivity creates a lot of problems in smooth functioning of business.


The experienced and skilled professionals recognize clients’ needs and provide the best internet service solution which enables them to enjoy experience of high-speed internet service. Moreover, offered services can be availed from us at budget affordable price.